Magnifying Light - Magnifying Lamp Review

My grandmother loves needlepoint. I always thought that her work is amazing, despite the fact that her eyes are not what they used to be. I can only imagine how hard and frustrating it can get. I decided to do something about it.

After a while I came up with an idea of purchasing a magnifying lamp for her.

Ok then, sounds very simple - just buy a lamp for my grandma so she can enjoy needlepoint again.

I started my research on the internet. And boy was I wrong! There were so many options to choose from, so many manufacturers and things to look for. I've spent a longer while in front of my computer.

Let's skip all the boring parts and cut to the chase: My final decision was to buy Eclipse 902-109 Magnifier Workbench Lamp (which you can see below)

That's certainly the best choice I could make. Not to mention that my grandmother was (and still is!) amazed by such a gift.

Let's see the key features of it:

  • Magnification Strength: 2.25x (5 Diopter). The higher the better. With most of other lamps being below that, this model wins. A magnification strength of 2.25x means that an item observed through the magnifying glasses is over double it's normal size - 225% in this case.
  • Illumination: 22W Fluorescent Tube. Long-lasting, energy saving source of bright, magnifying light! :)
  • Sturdy construction
  • All magnifying glasses made from actual glass - sounds obvious, but this point is very important. Glass ensures a clear vision, unlike some cheap synthetic materials.

This lamp latches onto a desk with the use of the clamp at one end as thick as 65mm. The built in springs make it easily adjustable, so the positioning is simple. Last thing worth mentioning - a flipable protective lens cover that blocks the magnifying glass when not in use. This detail may not look super-important, but many lamps are actually missing it!

What are other customers saying?

The Eclipse 902-109 Magnifier Workbench Lamp received very positive reviews across the internet. The score of 4.7 (out of 5) speaks for itself.

Here are some of the comments:

  • "I love this lamp and use it on a regular basis. I am not sure why I have waited so long to get one. I would think everyone needs this lamp."
  • "This thing does everything you'd expect a Magnifier Workbench Lamp to do. For the price you can't pass this one up if you're looking for a magnifying glass to do hobby work on small things."

All in all, I think it's undeniably great. Perfect choice for anybody who wants to improve their vision, both in hobby and work.

Where can you get the Eclipse 902-109 Magnifier Workbench Lamp?

You can buy this magnifying lamp on Amazon. Looking at other prices of various merchants, they seem to have the best price. Click here to view this lamp on Amazon.

Where can you read more customer reviews?

You can find more comments from people who are using this lamp on Amazon.